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#Beautiful Diwali images

                 Diwali is a special festival in not only India but also all over the world. A wide range  of people celebrate Diwali.

Beautiful lights of deepa’s, a beautiful designs drawn with flour on the floor along with different colours and chamkis gives an aesthetic feeling.

Beautiful Diwali images


#Lovely Diwali pictures

                   A lot of people in India would desperately love in celebrating diwali with their family, friends. A big family gathering will be their on grandfather’s house starting from grandson to grandfather’s brothers and their family and so on.

                 All of them will meet their old family relatives and share their life moments happily. Starting from day one of festival to day day five of festival they will going to spend a lovely time.

Lovely Diwali pictures


#Traditional Diwali Photos

                       As per tradition, people in family gatherings wear traditional wears i.e. women wears sarees, jewellery,bangles etc. as per the tradition they follow because tradition will be different from family to family, area to area. And coming to men they will wear kurthas, panchaas, etc. as it is said in above sentences.

Traditional Diwali Photos


#Happy Diwali images

                        A Diwali will be a happy diwali only when it is celebrated with our loved ones making a personal statements with them, sharing our feelings, giving gifts what they love, having food and more..

We humans should not miss such festival as they make people closer and gives our’s feeling which makes our life happier and healthier. Don’t miss festivals.

Happy Diwali images


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